Eidos-Sherbrooke focuses on four key projects, all aiming to bring new technical solutions to Eidos-Montréal’s game development teams and help them create unique universes.


Developing tools enabling real-time transformation of environments during play through complex simulations such as fluid mechanics or procedural environment assembly, taking immersion to a whole new level

Plasticity, elasticity and malleability are all properties of matter with which to play. Changes of state, fractures and tears can literally transform the environment of the game and thus energize it more.

By giving meaning to the material, we are increasing the immersion of our games to unprecedented levels and providing access to game mechanics that have been previously under-explored.


Voxel-based raytracing

Voxels are small cubes of matter that can allow us to build universes with an unprecedented level of interaction

Usually, games are built from meshes of triangles that only represent the surface of objects. Voxels, on the other hand, are small cubes that form together a universe more comparable to our own, in the same way that it is made of atoms.

This paradigm of creation and representation allows us to simulate the alteration and destruction of environments on a whole new level, using new kinds of algorithms for the simulation of physical objects and fluids. This advantageous structure also allows us to explore new rendering techniques, to better manage the propagation of light in both air and matter.


Multi-node game engine

Taking advantage of the processing power of several linked machines hosted within the same data center and passing it on directly to the players

By exploring the endless potential of cloud resources applied to our game engines, we give our creators access to greater capacity for computing, rendering, storage, or even highly specialized machines for machine learning.

The ground is fertile for new experiences for our players that are seen as impossible with today’s game consoles.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Creating new processes and solutions to facilitate the development of video games, designing new unique concepts and liberating creation

Dive into the articles below to learn more about the many possibilities that artificial intelligence and machine learning can unlock in the field of video games and beyond: from quality assurance to real-time rendering and content creation.



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