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Driving technological innovation in video games

Eidos-Sherbrooke is an expert studio dedicated to driving the technological innovation of Eidos-Montréal, member of the Square Enix group.

Through research and development, Eidos-Sherbrooke endeavours to explore, test and apply various technologies to support the creation of experiences, universes, and emotions for players.

The studio will be home to top-level technical expertise recruited from universities, as well as local and international talent collaborating and together imagining the video games of tomorrow.

Our ambition is to push the boundaries of today’s video game technology, and to identify, use and adapt the most relevant technologies from fields linked to our industry to enrich player experience and immersion.

Julien Bouvrais, Head of Studio

Julien Bouvrais

Julien has been part of the video game industry for over 20 years, climbing up the ladder from physical programmer all the way to Chief Technical Officer at Eidos-Montréal, which he joined when the studio opened in 2007.

With years of experience abroad and in Quebec under his belt, Julien now takes the lead at Eidos-Sherbrooke to take on new challenges and speed up technological innovation in video games.

Our projects

Eidos-Sherbrooke will initially focus on three key projects, all three aiming to bring new technical solutions to Eidos-Montréal’s game development teams and help them create unique universes.


Realtime geo-morphing

Developing tools enabling realtime transformation of environments during play through complex simulations such as fluid mechanics or procedural environment assembly, taking immersion to a whole new level.

Voxel-based raytracing

Revolutionising the way environments are modelled and rendered on screen to reach unprecedented levels of realism.

Multi-node game engine

Taking advantage of the processing power of several linked machines hosted within the same data centre and passing it on directly to the players.


We are looking for junior and senior technical profiles in various sectors such as rendering, cloud computing, and networks, as well as administrative profiles who share our values and are ready to take on challenges and lay the foundations of this new studio. Whether you live in Canada or abroad, don’t hesitate to apply!


Located in Estrie, about 100 miles (150 kilometres) from Montreal, Sherbrooke offers an environment and a quality of life which foster creativity and innovation. Its ecosystem of institutions, associations, universities and state-of-the-art technology companies make Sherbrooke a thriving pool of talent and the perfect place to establish an expert studio.

We have established lasting exchange links with learning centres offering programmes in IT and software engineering, which directly relate to our research and development projects. These partnerships will benefit students and professionals alike.

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